Water Damage Prevention- Winter Tips

Winter Tips For Water Damage Prevention

Heavy rains, floods, and tropical storms are not the only threats for water damage.
Unfortunately, Central Texas winter temperatures often drop well below freezing and can put you and your valuables at risk for frozen and cracked pipes. A single cracked pipe due to a keep freeze can cause well over 100 gallons of water to flood your home in just 24 hours. Here are a list of preventative measure you can take to keep your home safe from a winter disaster

• Turn interior faucets on a slow drip to keep water from freezing.• Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow warm air in.

• If leaving home unattended, leave heater on between 55-60 degrees to keep the house above freezing.

• Have your water system inspected by a professional to check for leaks, cracks, or weaknesses in joints.

If inspection reveals leaks, cracks, or faulty pipe work, be proactive and have it repaired immediately.

• Consider wrapping exposed pipes in attic or other areas to keep the pipe insulated and reduce chances of freeze damage.


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