Insurance and Water Restoration

Xactimate Software For Restoration Jobs

The only thing that can seem more stressful than having your home of office flooded itself, is dealing with insurance companies. It used to be a huge ordeal to actually have an adjuster come out and give you a quote based on his own personal opinions and calculations. Fortunately, It is no longer a battle between Contractors telling you how much it’s going to cost and insurance telling you how much they are willing to pay. Seldom were those two numbers the same or even similar.

Xactimate is a Restoration and Reconstruction software that has become the industry standard for the vast majority of all restoration projects. This widely used software gives both the Restoration Company and the insurance company an extremely accurate of what a water restoration job will cost. Xactimate is updated monthly and takes in all factors of the business to keep an accurate and fair estimate for insurance claims. This enables the customer not to worry about which contractor is the cheapest , but rather which contractor does the best word. With an Xactimate estimate, the customer wins every time.

Visit for more information about Xactimate. Don’t let the insurance company or a sleazy restoration get one over on you.
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