Common Water Damage Causes For Homeowners

There are a few different water damage causes you should know about, so that you can avoid them as best as possible. If you’re curious about this, then this information should get you some insight on what to look for. Here’s some more information to assist you.

One cause of water damage would be from natural sources such as weather. Severe weather could very much damage a home, no matter what precautions you’ve tried to take. One major weak spot in a home that is at least a few years old, is the roof. Serious weather can cause leaks and soft spots in your roof. One good storm could turn a slow dripping roof into a big opening for water. The same logic can be applied to your walls and foundation. To prevent water damage as much as possible, it’s important to check for leaks during any kind of storm that involves rain. This is a good preventative measure, but if the storm is big enough, water damage may not be avoidable.

Another one of the causes of water damage is from faulty plumbing. This can create quite the disaster, especially if there is a back flow of sewage. There are actually 3 categories of water that could damage a building. Category 1 is “clean” water, category 2 is labeled as “grey” water, and category 3 is the worst possible. This water may be contaminated with harmful elements that humans and other lifeforms simply shouldn’t be around. This kind of water damage may need to be cleaned up by a water restoration professional. In most cases, carpeting and furniture that has been left in category 3 damage should be discarded. This is because bacteria, mold, mildew, and other pathogens breed in this environment.

You’re now in the know about water damage causes. This is the first step in being able to avoid it at all costs. This can be an expensive problem to deal with, so be careful. If you do run into any damage like this, do not hesitate to call a professional immediately.