Drying and Dehumidifying a Home

Properly Drying And Dehumidifying A Flooded Home

There are times during heavier rainstorms where houses can flood. The flooding will usually take place in the basement first, if the structure is equipped with one, as they are under the ground. In the case of such flooding, or that which even comes into the first floor of your home, you will need to make sure that you are able to completely dry out the house and dehumidify it properly.

When you have water in your basement, you need to make sure that there is no power going to your furnace, water heater or any other electrical appliances within. You can either contact an electrician or your power company if you are not sure how to cut the power off to this portion of your home. Missing such a step can lead to danger so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Because mold has the ability to start growing as early as 48 hours after the introduction of moisture, you need to act fast so that you can properly dry out your house. Any items that have been submerged in the water must be disposed of or tossed out in a timely manner. For example, if you have any carpeting in the basement, you may want to consider disposing of it completely.

The key to properly drying out your home is the right amount of air circulation. If you are not able to get the right amount of air flow needed to dry out your basement or home, you will need to think about using dehumidifiers. Even though using dehumidifiers can be expensive, they are the fastest and most effective way to get all of the excess moisture out. For the best results, you can use a combination of open windows along with fans or even closing the windows and using dehumidifiers. Simply remember that if you are using dehumidifiers, you need to close the windows as they will not do their job properly with open windows.

Depending on your heating system or air conditioning system that you have in your home, you may be able to use them to help you clear out a lot of the moisture. Simply close all of your windows and run the air conditioning. Let the house cool completely and then shut off the air conditioning, then turn on the heat. Once the temperature in your house reaches 80 degrees, you can turn off the heating system and then repeat the process with the air conditioning until the house is dry.

If you happen to find that mold has already started to grown in your home, you need to make sure that you take the appropriate measures to have all of it cleaned up. This will either entail using a lot of cleaning and elbow grease or hiring the professionals so that they can get in and get rid of all of the mold. Overall, you will need to make sure that you are able to completely dry your home and clean up any mold so that it is safe to live in and the air is nice and healthy.