Emergency Water Removal: A Checklist for Quick Action

Emergency Water RemovalWhen water damage strikes, it’s important to act fast and to contact a professional company to help with restoration and repairs. At Water Damage Restoration of Austin, we are experienced with emergency water removal in the greater Austin area and want to help you recover fast.

Water Damage Emergency Checklist

When facing a water damage emergency, use this handy checklist to stay calm and take quick action until help arrives.

  • Determine if it is safe to stay where you are: in water emergency situations, there can be a number of hazards including electricity.
  • Contact Water Damage Restoration of Austin so that we can send a team right away.
  • Watch out for slippery areas that could cause you to fall.
  • Begin mopping up excess water where possible.
  • Pick up wet books, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Pick up wet fabrics and start hanging them. Beware, wet fabric items are much heavier when wet!
  • Rescue easy to reach artwork, valuables, and personal items and put them in a safe, dry space.
  • Gather any loose items from the floor, so that they can dry and not add additional tripping hazards.
  • Do NOT use any electrical items while the house is still wet.
  • Do NOT attempt to use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water.
  • Stay calm, and wait for our technicians to arrive and help you with your water removal, inspection, and restoration plan.

Our team has years of experience helping Austin homeowners recover after a flood. We know exactly how to proceed in order to ensure that you get the best possible results. Our goal is to remove water, save your property, and help you make repairs after the damages. We also want to ensure that you are left with a clean, healthy space free of lingering mold issues.