Barton Creek Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring your business or home to its original condition. It may involve major repairs, such as room or area reconstruction, but it could entail only minor ones, like laying new carpet or replacing drywall. Restoring your home to pre-damage, livable conditions also involves sanitation, water extraction, and drying.

With Water Damage, Acting Swiftly is Critical

Moisture and standing water create an environment, in which mold and bacteria thrive. Extensive exposure to such conditions can lead to severe allergic reactions and serious illnesses. You might need to rebuild parts of a damaged home. Materials like carpet and drywall that have absorbed water often develop mold and bacteria, which you can’t get rid of. You may need to replace floors, walls, shelves, drapery, clothing, ductwork, or heating and AC systems.

The Process of Water Damage Restoration

Water ExtractionWater damage repair and restoration starts with a detailed inspection. Always get a professional to inspect and assess the extent of water damage. An assessment will determine the type and category of water damage. Defining these assists in outlining the best approach.

Types of Water Damage

Broadly speaking, there are three types of water damage corresponding to a specific damage level. The worst is type 3, when the walls and ceiling have absorbed water and the premises are saturated. A lesser extent is type 2, where the walls and carpets have absorbed water or an entire room has been affected. The lowest damage level is 1, where the premises have absorbed only little moisture. If you act quickly, you can get away with type 1.

Water Damage Repair

Flood DamageThere are also different categories of damage. The worst is category 3, which involves damage from unsanitary water. This can cause disease and even death. It comes from river or lake flooding, sewage, and standing, bacteria-ridden water. Damage from grey water, such as water from an overflowing toilet or a defective dishwasher or washing machine, ranks in category 2. You can expect the least damage from broken clean water pipes or toilet tanks, but if the water sits too long, it can pass into a worse category.

Special equipment is used to extract the water. This step is followed by drying. Dehumidification can begin after all absorbent surfaces have been cleaned and vacuumed. This is an important step to clear up any moisture left over after water extraction. It can take a few weeks for your property to dry out completely.

To keep mold and bacteria from growing, all of your furnishings and personal belongings should be cleaned and sanitized. Water damage restoration companies provide antimicrobial treatments of clothes, carpeting, and drapery. They might use air scrubbers to eliminate air particles and moisture.

Water Mitigation Services in Barton Creek

Water Damage Austin covers Barton Creek. We are well aware of the importance of handling residential cleanup quickly and know how much you stand to lose if your office closes because of flooding. We’ll answer all your questions, eliminate water, and sanitize and restore your property. Call us any time of day.