Circle C Ranch Water Damage Restoration

Every respected water damage restoration company wants to restore your flooded or otherwise damaged property to a livable condition. In Texas and elsewhere, basements are most vulnerable to flooding and most expensive to repair. If your basement is flooded, you need to remove the water as soon as possible and dry it out completely.

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flood DamageThe longer you leave water standing, the faster bacteria will grow there. The most common causes of basement flooding are heavy storms, inadequate drainage, appliance failure, or a faulty sump pump. Many basements are equipped with drains to prevent flooding and damage to the floor and walls. Debris and dirt frequently get caught in the drains, stopping water from flowing out. Sump pumps help move water away from the property and into the closest drain. Your basement might get flooded if the pump fails and can’t move the water.

Water Mitigation Steps

After drying the area completely, you need to disinfect it properly. A quality disinfectant is used to treat drywall, wooden beams, insulation, and anything else. It will kill any bacteria that may have reached them through the toilet or sewer. Your contractor of choice will disinfect all affected areas, including wood, walls, and furniture that’s been sitting in the water.

The next step is to prevent mold growth. Apply a non-toxic product made with inorganic salts and distilled water to floors, walls, furniture, and anything else mold might grow on. Apply a thin layer of the product and leave it overnight to dry. It will build a thin layer over growing mold, destroying the spores’ roots. To prevent mold growth from reoccurring, make sure you’ve gotten rid of all of the water and everything is completely dry.

More Water Removal Tips

Water ExtractionPull up any underpadding and carpets, both rugs and wall to wall ones. If you get the carpet disinfected and cleaned, you might be able to keep using it. Keep in mind you’ll probably be using it as an area rug because it will shrink. Saving the underpadding isn’t reasonable to expect because of how much water it absorbs.

You can also use wet or dry vacuum, but never plug it into an outlet near water. We were taught water and electricity didn’t mix back when we were kids. Avoid using an extension cord.

If you have power and your basement or other part of the property is heavily flooded, you could buy or rent a sump pump from a hardware store.

Water Damage Services in Circle C Ranch

Experts hesitate to recommend DIY water remediation actions, especially if there is severe damage. Carpet and drywall absorb water and become overgrown with dangerous bacteria and mold. Once you let that happen, they can be impossible to get rid of. There is great further damage to reckon with.

Water Damage Restoration of Austin is a leading water restoration company operating in Circle C Ranch. We respond to calls immediately and adequately. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help.