Downtown Water Damage Restoration

In Austin’s Downtown, water damage can come from several different unexpected sources. Water is a utility we use every day without considering what might happen if pipes become ruptured or sewers are clogged. Too much water can be an issue as well, as residents of Downtown that have become victims of flooding can testify. Water Damage Restoration of Austin has been dealing with the needs of the Austin community for years. As a business that’s dedicated itself to this community, we care about your property as much as you do. Because of this, we only use methods that keep the interiors of buildings intact. Unlike other companies, our restoration methods seek to save as much of the original interior as possible. Among the services that we offer to the residents of Downtown are:

Emergency Water Removal

Water damage remediation repair services ustinWater damage starts happening from the time your building becomes inundated. At Water Damage Restoration of Austin, we operate with the understanding that faster is better when it comes to water removal. Our emergency removal process uses strictly monitored advanced structural drying techniques. Our team’s professionals combine this know-how with cutting-edge hardware that allows us to get water out from an interior space as fast as possible. In the business of emergency water removal, speed is crucial.

Flood Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration of Austin believes in complete remediation for flooded properties. When flooding strikes a building, removal of the water is only the first step towards recovery. The second step is much more time consuming, but just as important. Floodwaters can have a lot of particulate matter in it. These particles range from the dangerous (pathogens, mold, etc.) to the annoying (allergens and mildew). Drying and dehumidification make it impossible for these invasive particles to get a foothold on your property’s interior. Our drying process requires the strategic placement of fans, dehumidifiers, and hoses to collect as much water from the interior. Additionally, deep drying may require us to remove parts of your insulation. However, we only resort to this methodology in the most extreme cases. Each drying and dehumidification step varies since it depends on factors including the size of the flooded interior, the air temperature, and the existing humidity.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

At Water Damage Restoration of Austin, we break our process down into three distinct phases. The water extraction phase deals with the removal of water from the interior. To keep water damage to a minimum, we recommend that water removal take place as rapidly as possible. The second phase requires decontamination, where we deal with particles that made their way into the building through the flood. Finally, we dry out the floor and return it to the pristine condition before it becomes flooded.

Trustworthy Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration of Austin has quite a reputation for being a leader in the field of water restoration in Downtown Austin. If you find yourself needing emergency water removal because of a flood or an issue with your pipes, contact us as soon as possible. Remember, restoration can only happen if you keep the damage to a minimum. The faster you get us out there, the more likely we are to save your floors!