Holly Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most frequent and expensive issues a property owner can experience, racking up billions of dollars annually. Protect your most important asset with the following practical tips from your trusted restoration partner in Holly.

Frequent Water Damage Repair Scenarios

Water ExtractionFrequent scenarios involve flooding and storm damage, leaking appliances, and overflowing toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. Floods are caused by natural disasters like hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes, but also by backed up canals and sewers. A competent water damage services company can deal with these and other incidents no matter their size and scope.

Costs of Water Damage Services

Recent data shows that water damage repair or restoration costs property owners almost $3,000 on a case by case basis. The extent and cause of damage are the main factors in establishing the actual expense that will be incurred. Prevention and quick cleanup are important if you want to keep costs down. You should not leave moisture unaddressed, even if it is very little, as mold will start to grow.

Water Damage Cleanup and Prevention

Different policy types insure different types of water damage. Tenant and homeowner insurance covers burst pipes, damage from ice dams on the roof of the property, and driven rain. A standard homeowner’s policy generally covers all sources of damage that come from the top down, like a broken sprinkler or heavy rainfall.

To prevent water damage, the water should drain away from the property. Soil that settles a certain way will exacerbate seepage. Water starts flowing toward the property. After a storm and/or heavy rain, the water will flow down the foundation wall exterior. If there are cracks in the wall, it will seep in and cause damage.

Cracks in floor slabs or foundations lead to water accumulating in the basement. If water starts to seep in after a storm, it could be that your basement walls and cement floors have deteriorated.

To prevent sewer backup, have a backwater valve installed. This will let sewage out, but keep it from coming back.

Flood Damage Insurance

Flood DamageFlood insurance policies from the National Flood Insurance Program typically cover damage from overflowing lakes or rivers and any other source coming from the bottom up. Some private insurers cover such damage too. Most policies don’t cover drain and sewer backups because these are considered a result of neglect on the part of a tenant or homeowner. At any rate, proper property maintenance is the best way to avoid the need for water remediation services.

Quality Water Remediation Services in Holly

If the damage is done, you’d be happy to know Water Damage Restoration of Austin offers quality repair and restoration services in Holly. We will take your call any time of day or night and dispatch someone to inspect your property at once. We are homeowners’ first line of defense. We offer free and reliable estimates. Our company uses cutting edge tools to detect moisture. Our team can arrange emergency board-up services for homes and offices that have sustained severe damage. Give us a call to learn more.