Onion Creek Water Damage Restoration

Water in unwanted places can ruin your home or office as well as your furniture and other belongings unless you act fast. By minimizing damage, your belongings can be saved. You can save drywall, carpet, or pieces of furniture.

Even that isn’t likely in the event of a flood, however. There are steps you can take prior to flood restoration, which we’ll go into in the next section.

The Steps Before Flood Restoration

If you’ve received a flood warning, you should start with mapping out the safest evacuation route. Find out where the closest storm shelters are. Check that you have generators, flashlights, cellphones and other battery powered equipment, and durable food items as well as access to clean drinking water.

Depending on how long in advance you’ve received the warning, buy material like plywood to protect your house, clear any clogged downspouts, and trim any shrubs and trees so branches don’t fly into the house or other building. If you have a boat, make sure there’s somewhere you can move it to, and make sure your insurance policy covers property damage.

If your home is flooded, a team of professionals will use special equipment to extract the water. They will then proceed to dry your premises. Dehumidification can start after someone has cleaned all the surfaces affected. This step shouldn’t be skipped because dehumidifiers clear up any moisture left over.

What Should Water Damage Repair Begin With?

Water damage restoration and repair begins with an in-depth inspection. A team of professionals will inspect the building to establish the extent of damage. Be responsible when you dispose of damaged items. A lot of homeowners simply throw everything out and send it offsite. You’ll help ease the burden on your local landfill location if you can organize damaged items into piles and transport at least some of them to a recycling facility.

If you aren’t sure where to recycle old adhesives, stains, paints, and toxic liquids in general, this information is probably available at your city’s website. Drywall, furniture, and computers, TVs, cell phones, and other damaged electronic goods can all be recycled.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Tips

Professional vacuum cleaner and vacuumFlood water is an ideal breeding ground for mold, so always take it seriously, even if there’s just half an inch of water in your basement or it’s only slightly damp. Mold growth leads to low quality of indoor air, ruins carpets, walls, flooring, and furniture, and can cause severe illnesses. To keep the air healthy and clean, do all that you can to prevent mold growth! Before you take any measures, call your insurance company. They will not cover damage you’ve incurred out of ignorance.

Water Damage Services in Onion Creek

Water Damage Restoration of Austin is happy to help anyone in Onion Creek who needs our services. We handle residential cleanup efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to bring your damage down to a minimum. We’ll answer all your questions when you call, no matter what time, eliminate water, and sanitize and restore your property to your complete satisfaction.