Rob Roy Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration of AustinWater damage restoration in Rob Roy might come from multiple sources. At Water Damage Restoration of Austin, we’ve seen several situations in Rob Roy that required our expertise, ranging from backed-up sewers to broken pipes that led to flooding. Even heavy rains can cause severe inundation in some buildings with inadequate guttering or leaks in the roof. Water Damage Restoration of Austin has become a leading name in the provision of water extraction and restoration of water-damaged buildings in the Austin area. We take our job seriously and pride ourselves on putting the needs of our consumers first.

We understand that building owners are worried about water damage, but they’re also concerned about how companies cleaning up that damage might further injure their buildings. Our holistic approach to water damage restoration aims to remove all the water from inside a structure while keeping it intact. Occasionally, however, we might need to cut into the insulation to facilitate drying. Before we do so, we tell the building owner what they may expect before we go ahead. Our water restoration service is divided up into three distinct processes:

1) Water Removal

The first step in clearing away water damage is removing the water that’s settled inside a building. For us to have a fighting chance at restoration, we need to remove the water as soon as possible. That’s why we dispatch a team as quickly as possible once we get your call for water removal. The longer the water stays inside the building, the more problems it will cause for the structure. By tapping into our staff’s expertise, we can leverage advanced structural drying methods that preserve the interior of the house while removing the internal moisture.

2) Decontamination

Floor water can carry with it some nasty hitchhikers. Mold, allergens, and pathogens can hip a ride on the waters and stick to your building walls. They even remain there even after the water is gone. What’s worse, in moist environments, mildew tends to thrive, leaving unsightly marks on the walls and weakening the building’s structure. Our decontamination process seeks to deal with these potential dangers proactively. We remove the moisture from the air and neutralize the presence of mold and bacteria inside the structure.

3) Drying

Water damage remediation repair services AustinThe final step in the process is removing water using our drying techniques coupled with industry-standard hardware. By strategically placing dehumidifiers, fans, and hoses, we can safely and efficiently extract all the water that’s made its way into your building. We aim to leave your building in a pristine condition – so good that no one would even suspect it’s ever been flooded. The drying and dehumidification process is likely to vary in length, depending on the size of the building, the amount of water present, air temperature, and ambient humidity.

Choosing Professionals for Water Damage Restoration

It’s easy to think that water removal and restoration is an easy job that you can do yourself. However, as many of our clients tell us, it’s a lot harder than it looks. There’s a reason Water Damage Restoration of Austin is among the industry leaders in water removal, and that’s because we approach each job as professionals. If you find yourself needing water removal in Rob Roy, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll be there to “bail you out” in no time!