Backflow Cleanup

Backflow Cleanup and Sewage Restoration Services.

Backflow Cleanup is the process of eliminating, sanitizing, and cleaning up a property that has sustained sewage damage. Typical causes for backflow are clogged pipes and overflowing toilets. Toilet backflow is a very dangerous situation that requires immediate action. There are major health concerns due to the fact that sewage water contains waste, bacteria, parasites, and harmful germs that can cause serious illnesses. Backflow water and sewage are considered category 3 water, or black water. It is very important to call a professional because trying to clean up this toxic water without the proper equipment can lead to severe illnesses or death.
Water Damage Restoration Of Austin has backflow cleanup and sewage restoration specialists that are armed with the right protective gear and proper equipment to handle even the worst Category 3 cleanup jobs. As soon as we are called out, an experienced restoration specialist will arrive within one hour and examine the extent of the damages. The area will be contained first to avoid excess damage or cross contamination. We will remove the black water and anything that was contaminated by the sewage. If carpet or carpet padding was damaged by the backflow, it is not a good idea to try to restore it. Our water restoration team will remove these items and discard them safely without causing further contamination to any unharmed items. Any salvagable items that were not contaminated by the sewage will be sanitized in the restoration process. Once the water damaged items are removed, we can begin the water damage restoration process. Water Damage Restoration Of Austin has technicians available 24/7 for your backflow cleanup and sewage restoration needs. Call to speak to a specialist any time at (512) 820-6505.

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